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华娱卫视为 TOM集团子公司,是一个二十四小时普通话综艺娱乐卫星频道,致力为国内观众引进亚洲乃至世界各地最新的娱乐节目,并同时提供具有创新意念及独特表现手法的自制节目。华娱卫视为首家取得广东地区有线网络落地权的境外频道,并通过中央平台全国范围播放,遍及全国三星级以上酒店及涉外小区。华娱卫视经由亚太6号卫星及亚洲3号卫星转播至中国大陆及亚太地区。 China Entertainment Television (CETV) China Entertainment Television ("CETV") is a leading 24-hour Putonghua general entertainment channel providing the latest Asian and International entertainment programming, as well as bringing pioneering and innovative original productions to Mainland China audiences. CETV was the first foreign satellite television channel granted landing rights into the cable systems of Guangdong, and has also secured nationwide distribution via the Central Platform, covering hotels and foreign apartment compounds . The channel is broadcast via the AsiaSat 3S and Apstar 6.